Do I Need a Cover for My Air Conditioner for Winter?| Monmouth County NJ

Do I Need a Cover for My Air Conditioner for Winter?| Monmouth County NJ, Howell NJ, Freehold NJ, Manalapan NJ, Millstone NJ, Jackson NJ, Rumson NJ and beyond.

With winter now on us, many homeowners in Monmouth County, New Jersey start thinking about what to do with their AC over the winter months—should they cover their air conditioner to protect it from the elements or leave it be? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but the experts at First Degree Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing are here to help deiced on the best way to protect your AC for the winter.

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To Cover or Not to Cover, That Is the Question

People tend to have firm opinions about whether or not they should cover their air conditioner for winter, so here’s the skinny on both sides:

Benefits of Covering:

  • Protects your condenser from the elements
  • Provides cover from ice, debris, snow, etc.
  • Prevents your AC from getting “weather-beaten”
  • Keeps the outside cover from fading or cracking

Benefits of Not Covering:

  • Deters animals from seeing your AC as a cozy, protected home for the winter
  • Prevents moisture from collecting inside your unit
  • Allows for ventilation

So how can you get the benefits of covering your air conditioner without dealing with the all of the potential consequences? One of the easiest ways you can do this is by just covering the top of your unit. Ideally, you want to prevent damage from above while also allowing for ventilation. You can either use a piece of plywood to protect the top of your unit from falling ice as well as snow accumulation or duct tape a garbage bag or an inexpensive tarp around just the top of your system to allow ventilation from the sides as well as cover from the top.

Shopping for a new furnace can be difficult because there are so many decisions involved—should you go ENERGY STAR? Should you go oil or gas? What AFUE should you get? What size system do you need? Our are here to help! Let us put our 38+ years of experience to work for you by helping you understand all your options and selecting a gas furnace that’s right for your home and your wallet.

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When to Buy a New Furnace

First things first… how do you know it’s actually time to buy a new furnace? Consider the following:

  • Is your furnace older than 10 – 14 years?
  • Has your heating been inconsistent or inadequate?
  • Has your monthly utility bill been going up?
  • Do you require frequent and expensive furnace repairs?
  • Is your furnace making  noises? or rattling?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it is probably time for a new furnace installation! But if you’re not sure, one of our licensed and trained service technicians can come to your home and inspect your system and let you know whether it has a couple more years yet or if it’s time to throw in the towel.

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