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The owners of First Degree are graduates of Lincoln Technical Institute. Every job or service is completed or supervised by an owner operator.


We continue to educate our technicians and installers to ensure that our customers are provided with excellent service and installation


We believe that knowledge in education combined with an honest and personal relationship is the key to complete customer satisfaction.


At First Degree Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we’re proud of serving the New Jersey area including Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, and beyond. We look forward to helping you with your air conditioning, heating, and plumbing needs. We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts are prepared to help you with the sales, service, and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business. And be sure to ask for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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Whether it’s a new installation or routine service, our factory-trained technicians provide the expertise your comfort depends on. First Degree Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we repair all makes and models.

We are members of NJBIA (New Jersey Business and Industry Association) and the Eastern Heating & Cooling Council.

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Air Conditioning

Our trained professionals provide you with top quality equipment, skilled installation and an expert analysis of your comfort needs. Our recommendations will fit your budget and lifestyle.


Installing a central heating system can be an important investment. Done well, it could save you money on energy bills and add value to your home.


We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts are prepared to help you with the sales, service, and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business.


Step Up Efficiency while Cutting Down your Energy Costs through the Latest High Efficiency Heating Systems

All of us here at First Degree, know that heating systems can become a huge financial constraint for homeowners as they comprise a large portion on monthly energy bills among a lot of homes and business establishments throughout the state of New Jersey.

And we can help you acquire the best solution possible through new and cost effective boilers, heaters, and furnaces. Unlike their older predecessors, new models of heating systems have 95% to 100% AFUE ratings. Apart from that, your home’s global footprint will be significantly reduced helping you do your part in solving environmental problems.

Why you should replace your old heating system…

Your old boiler or furnace may seem to be working perfectly but it doesn’t mean that it’s totally ok. In fact, technical experts in the field of HVAC services have found out, that owners of old heating systems are spending more for lesser output.

Older models of boilers, water heaters, and furnaces are found out to be only about 50% to 70% efficient against energy consumed. This simply means that only about half of the total energy consumed are converted into usable heat while the remaining 30% to 50% escapes into other places such as chimneys, pipes, ducts, and into the outside environment of the house.

Old heating systems especially those that have been used for 10 to 20 years or more are most likely to malfunction without you noticing it and this forces the owner to further invest on unnecessary purchases.

On the other hand, newer models of heating systems are specifically designed and built to deliver optimum outputs against energy consumed. And we can help you go through the entire process of new heating system installations.



An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants.


Filter your home’s air with the efficient and affordable Honeywell Home F100 Media Air Cleaner. This whole home air cleaner can capture a significant amount of airborne microscopic particles that enter it, like dust and smoke, plus larger contaminants such as mold spores and pet dander.


Kills up to 70% of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system. Safety features with a sealed design prevents contact with voltage and UV rays. Easy installation in forced-air heating and cooling systems. Lightpipe indicator allows homeowner to see the bulb is lit. Easy Bulb replacement – simply twist and remove.


THE #1 SELLING BRAND OF HOME BACKUP GENERATORS. A permanently installed Generac backup generator protects your home or office automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A backup generator delivers power directly to your electrical system. Protect your home and office from power outages with a automatic generator.

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No matter what’s in store for your home and family, First Degree is here to help. Since day one, we’ve followed CDC guidelines and cleanliness best-practices when delivering essential cooling, heating, and plumbing services here in your neighborhood.

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